Soft Silicone Car Steering Wheel Cover Car Steering Case


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Product description

The flexibility to capture subtle movements change,it can give you driving the road to increase security.

Environmental health,easy to clean dust,foreign matter in the gap,dirt and bacteria cleanly,beneficial to human health.

Strong slip resistant,heat resistant,good flexible,non-stick,durable,no abnormal odour,tastless and excellent adhesion.

And the high elasticity of the product can be arbitrarily curved volume,easy to carry in 32cm-38cm interval common to all models of the steering wheel,so you remove the size specifications of trouble.

Easy to install and support most standard car steering wheel up to 38cm,also it clean and washable easily
This cover uses high quality silicone to protect your steering wheel,bring you a great touch and feel,massage your palm and relieve drive fatigue,and colorful your driving experiences.
You can feel the same degree of human skin soft and smooth and comfortable;It enabling hands the blood circulation,anti-fatigue comply with health requirements of long-distance driving safety.

Material:Food-Grade silicone,FDA approved;Size:32cm(diameter);Weight:143g


Package included: 1 x silicone car steering wheel cover

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